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What is LingBench IDE Light ?

LingBench IDE Light is a limited version of LingBench IDE, Natlanco's innovative comprehensive language modeling tool. It can be downloaded as shareware and used for free during a period of 4  weeks after installation. After that, an unlock code is needed, which you can get by registering and paying a small fraction of the cost of full LingBench IDE.

You need at least one week practice before you will be acquainted enough with the program, so it takes some patience and endurance. By its nature it's not something to experiment with just half an hour and knowing most of what you can do with it. 

Following cautiously the step by step manual is absolutely recommended in the beginning.

LingBench IDE Light is the ideal means to evaluate LingBench IDE before purchasing the full version.

Limitations with respect to the full version

in a syntactic or morphological grammar:

The maximal number of freely definable:

  • word or morpheme classes: 8

  • word or morpheme phrases: 6

  • features: 6


in any type of lexicon:

The maximal number of entries per lexicon: 10000

some advanced tools are lacking

The light version is of 2002. The full version of 2007 is considerably better and richer and also more stable, as well as more expensive.

Downloading, extraction and installation

  1. When you click on any of the previous downloads, choose Save.

  2. Save to an empty new directory.
    What you receive is a self extracting file.

  3. When, after downloading is finished, you open the downloaded file (e.g. in the Explorer by clicking on it). You will be asked where the extracted files should be put. Put them in the same temporary directory like for instance c:\InstalLingBenchIDE\ .

  4. After this is done, click on Setup (one of the extracted files) to begin installation.

  5. After installation, you can, if you wish, remove the downloaded file itself, and the temporary directory.

  6. After installation, carefully follow the instructions in the step-by-step section of the manual to get a feel for the potential of the program. 

If you can't remember this, print this page out, or keep your internet browser on this page (which is not a good idea, as installation might require that as few as possible programs are running at the same time).
By the way, the download and installation steps are pretty much according to the usual procedure.

Download now

Remark: We are always welcoming feedback about problems with the installation . Let us know if your installation went smooth, and certainly if you experienced problems. 

  • The manual (included in the download) can contain some preliminary sections. When a new version of the manual is available, you can download it separately by clicking here.

  • If you run into problems.

Registering and Unlock Code

After the free trial period of 4 weeks, the software will stop to function normally, unless you register. Registration has the following steps:

1. Start LingBench IDE Light. Look in the Main Menu:Help:About where you can find the so called PreUnlockCode. If your trial period has already expired, simply answer the questions upon starting LingBench IDE Light to get the PreUnlockCode.

2. Mail this code to sales@natlantech.com with subject PREUNLOCKCODE and your name and post address (or of the person or company that will get the license to register).

3. Pay for the registration to get the License to continue to use LingBench IDE Light. (See below: Purchasing with a credit card). Make sure that the identity of the payer and the identity mentioned in the e-mail are perfectly equal.

4. As soon as your payment and identity have been confirmed, Natlanco will e-mail you your unique unlock code.

5. Actual registration: Before the end of the expiry period, you can fill in the unlock code by starting LingBench IDE Light, choosing Main Menu:Help:Register/Unlock and following the directions to fill in the unlock code. If the trial period has already expired, start LingBench IDE Light, and follow the directions to fill in the unlock code. Caution: in the unlock code, a '0' is not an oh but always a zero.


for registration and receiving an unlock code, the price is Euro 49. This price includes VAT. If you are paying from outside the European Union, you don't have to pay VAT. In that case the price is 40.50 Euro.

Purchasing with a credit card

 (!!!temporily unavalable, please use "Other payment methods", below)

  • First make sure which product and version you want to purchase.

  • Pay (click to go to the secure pages to carry out the payment)

Other payment methods

You can pay also by transferring the sum from your to our account. 

Of course...

...for trying and evaluation only, during the trial period of four weeks, you don't have to pay anything. 

That's free.

Problems, Feedback and help to users

Natlanco will try to help you with possible installation or use problems, even if you're still in the free trial period. Mail us in case of problems.

Make sure to document your problem enough. Screendumps can be helpful. Notify the sequence of actions to reproduce the problem like in "Grammar:Menu:SaveAs" for instance.

Clearly describe the unwanted effect.

Natlanco is very interested in possible suggestions and other evaluation feedback.


We are open to any reasonable suggestion to improve useability, functionality, compatibility, reliability and design. If you give us an EXCELLENT and original idea, you have a good chance to get a free version.


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