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Direct international money transfer
 between ordinary  bank accounts

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You can, as an alternative for payment by credit card, transfer the amount directly from your bank to ours. This may involve a visit to your bank.

To do this transfer you need to specify:

1) The amount due in Euro () to Natlanco plus optionally shipping, including 21% VAT on the total. 

Outside of the European Union, no VAT is due, so take the price is 100/121 of the mentioned price. Payments should in any case be in Euro, not in dollar or any other valuta.

If there's any doubt or question, confirm or ask first to sales@natlantech.com

2) Natlanco's (destination) bank account and geographical address: 
(IBAN is an international equivalent of a normal bank account number)

Natlanco bank account.Nr.
IBAN code :
BE91 0011 0581 7376

NATLANCO / Filip De Brabander
Frans Van Ryhovelaan 280
B9000 Gent
Belgium, Europe

optional additional info:
Natlanco's VAT (21%) code is:

Natlanco's Belgian trade register code is: 
  HR: Gent 200070

3) The name, address, telephonenr and BIC codes of the BANK at which the previous account is registered.

Bank: Fortis Bank

Montagne du Parc 3
1000 Brussels
Belgium, Europe
Tel.+32 (0)2 565 1111
Fax+32 (0)2 565 42 22

This BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is the Swift address of Fortis Bank in Belgium

4) It can be a good idea to verify two or three days later that the amount has been transferred indeed, to prevent unexpected long delays or misunderstandings. Also check if the money has arrived in time if there's a limit.


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