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About Natlanco
Natlanco is a small European company with a focus on NLP, semantics and language modeling but has also speech analyzing technology for real time animation and other purposes.

Commercial partners and Distributors
Natlanco is willing to consider commercial cooperations, but rules out advance cash or share investments by Natlanco. Geographic, sectorial and/or time-limited commercial exclusivity contracts can be discussed.

Academic and scientific cooperations
Natlanco intends to go on with cooperations that were set up with Natlantech nv, insofar as they are compliant with Natlanco’s priorities, timing and possibilities.

Ethical Policy
We want to go on feeling good about ourselves and hope the same for everybody else who means well ;-).


Natlanco and Natlantech nv
In September 2001, Natlanco acquired the technology and all IPR and commercial rights of Natlantech nv. However most of the original people that developed this technology are still working at Natlanco, including the founder of the technology.


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