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LingBench SDK is a software package consisting of 

  • a software module (see also  Bare Engines)

  • a standard  Language Model for English

  • technical documentation to allow your programmers to link the module (a Windows DLL or LIB) to your own applications.

The integrated module needs the included (or any other) Language Model in order to do anything useful. Other models, for instance for other languages, can be made with LingBench IDE.

The SDK comprises the following functionalities: (not exhaustive)

  • Sentence extraction from running text

  • Word analysis (morphology), Tagging: word classes determination, optional disambiguation by sentence context.

  • Linguistic Sentence Analysis: based on syntactic language model

  • Output to XML formatted string

  • (optional) Semantic Sentence analysis: based on syntactico-semantic language model. Leads to one or more semantic structures (meaning representations).

LingBench SDK comes in versions, corresponding with LingBench IDE versions. Customized versions with customized extra functionalities available on demand.

Semantic Sentence analysis

Example: application having used the tagging SDK/engines


image006.jpg - 58104 Bytes

Example: application having used the syntactic parser SDK/engines


Pricing: See Quick Guide

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