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Natlanco develops and commercializes Natural Language, Natural Dialogue and Speech Software, and Language, Dialogue and Speech Models. The software can be stand-alone applications, SDKs and software modules, server based or not, to integrate with your company's software, and other linguistic and speech tools. Most of Natlanco's technology is based on its own innovative developments over the last 10 years. Natlanco also can integrate with external technologies. We currently develop most language models ourselves. Our competitive advantages are mainly in depth of language understanding, processing speed combined with high quality output, and very-long-term growth potential and consistency of concepts. Where possible, we strive for compatibility with standards. All software is compatible with most of the world's human languages.

Text mining, text understanding, text summarizing, text indexing for semantics based search engines.

Natlanco has developed an extensive technology to understand documents containing free text sections like patient records, CVs, real estate descriptions, and more. This technology uses in depth morpho-syntactical analysis as well as thorough semantical analysis including artificial intelligence. The result could for instance go into an XML database. Such resulting databases could then again be searched into using a similar analysis of queries posed in natural language. 


The ultimate solution: a very intelligent dialogue system combined with semantics based search engines

Does all the above, but replaces the search query by a comfortable but efficient dialogue, leading to almost sure match between what you search and the results, as the system understands what you want, and understands intermediary results which remain hidden.

Speech Recognition Technology

  • for e-learning
  • home and car automation
  • lipsynchronisation for animated characters in real time television shows

Language Modeler Product for professional NLP developers

This product is LingBench IDE, version 2006, a 2499 comprehensive Language Modeling Tool for professional users. Complementary high performance NLP SDK available. 

A special, older and limited version, LingBench IDE Light, is downloadable as shareware from this site, and can be used for free during 4 weeks. After that period 49 has to be paid to get an unlock code, which is necessary for longer use. LingBench IDE Light is ideal to evaluate LingBench IDE itself. Documentation is included. The 2007 version of LingBench IDE is not yet available. 

A typical impression of the environment in which linguists can model arbitrary languages.Super efficient! And many powerful tools are available from within the IDE, also for complicated lexical tasks.

       International patents by Natlanco concerning LingBench technology are pending.

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